Satisfying A Dim Sum Craving At Home

Dim sum is one of my favorite Chinese food growing up. I remember meeting relatives and friends at a dim sum restaurant catching up over tea was a typical weekend event with my parents. With a variety of small dishes spinning in front of you on a large lazy susan, some in bamboo baskets, it is always the perfect setting to eat and gather. 

I’ve been craving for dim sum during the quarantine. When my girlfriend told me some dim sum restaurants are selling their dim sum in frozen form, I quickly placed an order at one of my favorite dim sum restaurants, Koi Palace in Dublin. 

frozen dim sum
Frozen dim sum in my freezer is kind of dangerous.

Knowing that most of the dim sums are steamed, I also quickly ordered a bamboo steamer. I’ve always wanted a bamboo steamer and this was the perfect opportunity to get one. I told Joe it will be put to good use and not just another piece of kitchen prop.

bamboo steamer for dim sum
This bamboo steamer sits perfectly on top of the pan

The bamboo steamer is very simple to use. I had a 10 inch pan that was the exact size of the bamboo steamer. I fill the pan with some water and placed the steamer on top of the pan where it is sitting on the edge of the rim. 

I used cabbage to line the bamboo steamer so the food is contained but still allowing steam to circulate. You can use steamer liners which are pre-cut parchment paper with perforated holes. The steamer liners are convenient to have and they can also be used for your air fryer. 

dim sum bun
The sweet custard buns are the kids’ favorite

I placed the frozen dim sum ontop of the cabbage. Turned on the heat to boil the water in the pan. Once the water started boiling, the steam rises and circulates through the bamboo steamer to cook the dim sum. I follow the instructions for how long to steam the dim sum and viola! 

The best thing to go with dim sum is chili oil with soy sauce. I also like to mix some wine vinegar with my soy sauce if I don’t feel like a spicy sauce. 

Chili oil and soy sauce is the perfect dipping sauce

With a bamboo steamer, now I can have dim sum at home whenever I get a craving. I can also use it to heat up frozen dumplings I get from the store and even steam fish. So many possibilities!

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