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Sandwich Fun… Homemade Uncrustables

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Sandwiches are a favorite, easy, on-the-go, no time, and on a day where you don’t want to fight with your picky eater type of meal. My kids enjoy eating Uncrustables. I will sometimes get them if I see the less sugar version at the store to have around.  I keep them in the freezer, so they are great to pack in a cooler for day trips, camping, or a day at the pool. It is best when they are half thawed. Even I can’t resist taking a couple of bites, and I’m not a fan of peanut butter. I know I’m the oddball. 

She loves making her own sandwich in her princess dress.

My kids love building their sandwiches. They feel like they made a meal all by themselves. My kids do not like the crust. They will ask me to cut off the crust every time. Do your kids eat the crust?

Sandwich making has been the same routine until I found these sandwich cutters. They allow the kids to make their own sandwich and cut off the crust. And they are fun to use! 

sandwich cutter for little hands
Fun and easy to use for the little hands

My favorite part is making our own version of Uncrustables and controlling what and how much we put in it. We’ve used homemade apricot jam my friend made from our apricot tree. We’ve also switched up the types of butter we use. We’ve used sun butter for friends that have nut allergies and for school lunch.

If we are craving something more savory, we’ve made other versions like ham and cheese, tuna salad (more for Joe than the kids), or even leftover mac and cheese. Oh, and don’t forget cream cheese and cucumber. These sandwich cutters make it so fun for my kids to be a bit more adventurous and try different food combinations. 

What to do with all the crust?

Joe will usually eat all the leftover crusts by dipping into whatever he can find in the fridge. He’s a dipper and he will dip anything into anything. Greek yogurt is one of his favorite things to dip in. 

If you don’t have anyone in the house that will eat the crust, there are other ways you can use them.  Some ideas are homemade croutons, bread crumbs, bread pudding, or a hearty ham and cheese strata. 

Eating something she put together is so much more satisfying

We used these sandwich cutters to batch make sandwiches, and put them in the freezer just like what we would do with Uncrustables. They are perfect for throwing in a picnic basket or school lunches right out of the freezer, so they are perfect to eat right at lunchtime. 

Did I also mention these sandwich cutters come in large and mini sizes? That means I’m going to have to host a high tea party and use it to make mini sandwiches. I’ll let you know how it goes! 

By on August 9th, 2020

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