About Us

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We believe anyone can cook delicious food with the right ingredients and guidance, and planning a family meal should not drive you CRAZY.

So we want to inspire you to conquer mealtime, have fun with cooking, and expanding your taste buds (kids too) along the way.

We love and embrace traditional recipes shared by different cultures which sets the foundation for fusion recipes that celebrates diversity. Many of our recipes blends bold flavors from different cultures that you can achieve at home.

Whether it is a quick weeknight meal, a fun dinner party with friends, or a casual family weekend in the backyard, we share simple and diverse recipes to make everyday eating a bit easier without sacrificing flavor.

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Hi! I’m Carmen

I am a wife, a mom to two amazing kiddos, an elementary teacher, and a self-proclaimed foodie.

I am Chinese-American and grew up in the Bay Area. I was raised in a traditional Chinese household where meals were always family-style (I mastered the lazy susan at a young age), and you can’t say no to any food. 

My husband, Joe, is a mid-western boy that loves his steak and mashed potatoes. Food is our love language. He will eat chicken feet and admits that he never liked vegetables until he met me.

As a mom of biracial children, I am all about exposing my kids to different cuisines and exploring a variety of foods with them. Sitting down together for dinner is my favorite time of the day. 

What you’ll find on the blog

You will find a variety of traditional and fusion recipes inspired by my childhood, travel, family, and friends, along with my love and curiosity for food. 

  • Simple Recipes – My recipes are easy to follow and simple to replicate. 
  • Making it kid-friendly – I have my kids try everything I cook, so they are my first reviews. I will offer adjustments or suggestions to recipes when needed to make them more kid-friendly. 
  • Flavors over trends – I am not the type to stand in line or jump to try the latest trends. If it’s simple, delicious, or just plain awesome, I will try it first before recommending it to you.
  • Ways to make it your own – Truth be told, I don’t usually follow every step of the recipe because I always like to put my own twist on it. The fun part about cooking is I can make it the way I like it. In many of my recipes, you will find ideas and suggestions to put your own twist and make it your own. 

I am so happy you are here to join us on our food adventure. Please email me at hello@drivemesimply.com for anything. Subscribe to the newsletter for the latest recipes right in your inbox. Follow and share your creations with me on social media. I love to hear from you.